THE HOTEL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE RATES (for those who have booked a rate this rule does not apply).

Rates include all taxes.

Check-In: from 16:00.

Check-Out: by 12 noon.

For an online booking without a card the following conditions apply:

For the “Early Booking” promotion there is a condition of full payment within 7 working days from the date of booking and proof of payment will be sent by e-mail. otherwise the reservation is considered as not guaranteed.

In case of cancellation of a promotional booking, the money will not be refunded except in case of death or incurable illness, with the necessary documents, and one night’s accommodation will be retained.

In case of cancellation of a promotional booking, apart from the above reasons, the money is not refunded but the booking can be rescheduled for the following year for the same period but at the same year’s rates.

For bookings not subject to promotional offers the following rules apply:

Reservations for which a deposit has not been paid and/or for which a deposit of 30% of the total value of the stay has not been made in advance are considered by the hotel as non-guaranteed reservations.

For guaranteed or prepaid bookings:

If no other conditions are specified in the written confirmation received from the hotel, then:

Reservations made at least 3 days before the date of arrival are accepted on a space available basis only.

Changes following any reservations must be made in writing to the e-mail address : or No changes will be guaranteed until received in writing by the hotel. The rates resulting from changes may vary, depending on the nature of the change and the availability at the time of the change to the booking.

Any cancellation of a room reservation will be sent in writing to the e-mail address: și/sau according to the above conditions. No cancellation will be guaranteed until received in writing by the hotel.

Payment details:


Fiscal Code: RO1901456


IBAN LEI: RO79BREL0002001444070100

IBAN EUR: RO95BREL0002001444070200


PLEASE NOTE: Please specify your name and surname on the payment order (Booking ID).

The hotel has 63 parking spaces, it is against cost and subject to availability.

Please note that parking spaces are not reserved.

The hotel is not responsible for any property left in the car or for damage to the cars.

Payment is for a parking space and not for providing security.

Room allocation will be made by the hotel reception depending on availability at that time.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Several video surveillance cameras operate throughout the hotel.

When leaving the rooms the doors must always be locked.

If you find forgotten items, please hand them in at reception.

We recommend using the safes available in the rooms and at reception to store valuables. We do not assume any responsibility for forgotten, lost or allegedly stolen items on the premises of the Dunarea Hotel.

If you leave the hotel we suggest you leave the key at the reception. If you lose your key you will have to pay an extra 50 lei.

It is forbidden to store flammable, toxic, explosive materials in the room.

Please do not use an espresso machine, boiler, iron or ironing board in the room.

In case you notice any defects in the room equipment, please inform the reception.

Please respect the public peace, do not disturb the comfort of other guests, especially after the quiet hours (22:00).

Hotel facilities must be used properly.

Any damage or loss caused will be paid by the perpetrator or their legal representative.

The smoking areas in the rooms are the balconies.

In case of smoking in prohibited areas we will add to your payment a penalty/fine of 300 lei!

The client must comply with hotel customs. He will have to respect the peace and quiet of the hotel as well as social and moral rules.

Also, the guest of the Dunarea Hotel must take care of the hotel property left in his use during the stay. Any breach of hotel custom or of the rules of morality and social conduct entitles the hotelier to immediately terminate the contract/rental without notice.

We reserve the right to refuse accommodation in Hotel Danube to guests who are intoxicated, rude or unruly, who by their attitude damage the image of the hotel or disturb other guests. The value of any damage or deterioration of material goods belonging to the Dunarea Hotel will be borne by those responsible for their occurrence.

We reserve the right to evict guests with inappropriate behaviour from the hotel.

In view of the above, we reserve the right to select our guests.

We do not condone: uncivil or aggressive behaviour, obscene physical or verbal displays, inappropriate tone, insults, physical or sexual harassment or any physical or mental abuse of a person, guests or any person in the hotel complex.